Recent Version History

1.16.12 Current Version

  • [1.16.12] Minor UI and stability updates
  • [1.16.10] Added Duplicate tab action for browsers
  • [1.16.9] More robust launch on login setting persistence
  • [1.16.9] Added a few more apps to "Apps with tabs"
  • [1.16.8] Added Chromium and Chrome Canary support
  • [1.16.7] More updates to auto relaunch on wake for Catalina
  • [1.16.7] Update for disabling the app when switching users in macOS


  • Minor update for less annoying macOS popup questions on new installs on Catalina


  • Added Magic Mouse two finger click
  • Added put to sleep action
  • Added alt tab action
  • If you only have browser actions configured, gesture processing only occurs when browsers are frontmost
  • The Left Mouse Click action now takes into account any modifier keys that are held down
  • Wrist rejection areas on the right and left sides of the trackpad are slightly smaller
  • Added better accidental execution prevention to rest one tap one on the Magic Mouse [from 1.16.1]


  • Global keyboard shortcuts can now be configured to execute actions
  • Added ability to execute bash commmands from gestures or keyboard shortcuts
  • Added more window management actions
  • Assorted bug fixes
  • Remapped swipe sensitivity for the rest one swipe two gestures [from 1.15.3 Beta]