Recent Version History

1.16.13 Current Version

  • Added "Deactivate License" button to about window. This can be used to deactivate a license before wiping your machine and reinstalling
  • Moved keyboard shortcut recorder action to be more prominent in the UI
  • Bug fix for glitchy window behavior in window management actions


  • [1.16.12] Minor UI and stability updates
  • [1.16.10] Added Duplicate tab action for browsers
  • [1.16.9] More robust launch on login setting persistence
  • [1.16.9] Added a few more apps to "Apps with tabs"
  • [1.16.8] Added Chromium and Chrome Canary support
  • [1.16.7] More updates to auto relaunch on wake for Catalina
  • [1.16.7] Update for disabling the app when switching users in macOS