Recent Version History

1.15.1 Current Version

  • Bug fix for gesture configuration not always persisting
  • Bug fix for flaky corner tap/click behavior
  • Updated to current shortcut recorder version (MASShortcut)


  • Simplified action selection view with a single dropdown
  • Added some small performance improvements to action selection and gesture removal
  • Added a force touch middle click action tailored to middle clicking in Chrome and Firefox
  • Updated the shortcut recorder to accept more shortcuts and handle cmd+q or cmd+w


  • Added a lot of new window management actions for built-in window snapping behavior.
  • Added in cmd click to one finger anywhere force touch gesture. This opens links in a new tab in Chrome and Firefox [added in prior beta]
  • The left mouse click action will now properly execute which number click is performed (double, triple, etc) [added in prior beta]
  • Fixed some buggy behavior with the Magic Mouse single tap gestures introduced in 1.12 [added in prior beta]
  • Adjusted sensitivity of "rest one tap one" gestures to prevent accidental triggers [added in prior beta]


  • Bug fix for some gesture behavior regression introduced in 1.12
  • Gestures configurations now sync across Macs via iCloud
  • Updated the gesture selection UI so that multiple gestures can be added at a time


  • Replaced "Tap Sensitivity" settings with "Touch Precision". This is an overhaul of the sensitivity for resting and tapping touches, particularly with "Avoid private framework" unchecked. Warning: this update may take some getting used to if you had tap sensitivity set to low.
  • Added rest one swipe two gestures
  • Added tap one finger on left or right side of Magic Mouse
  • Added App Switcher action to auto-close the app switcher for tap gestures after another touch is lifted
  • Increased how long touches must be held for "rest and tap" gestures
  • Added "Look Up word under cursor" (cmd ctrl D) Keypress action
  • Updated Firefox tab switching for Firefox v67