Version History

Multitouch 1.8.3 (Current Version)

  • Updated algorithm for rest one swipe one gestures to be more consistent across trackpads
  • Added setting to control how difficult it is to execute a rest one swipe one gesture
  • Improved filtering really light touches and large touches (like a palm), to further reduce inadvertent gesture execution
  • Added Preview and Papers apps to "Apps with tabs", for switching and closing tabs
  • Better support for some CAD type applications where modifier keys are used in conjunction with middle click

Multitouch 1.8.1

  • Improved "Rest one and swipe up or down with one" gesture execution for certain trackpads
  • Adjusted "Rest one tap one" gesture to require closer proximity between touches
  • Removed scripting bridge actions for Mojave (Moom, SizeUp, iTunes)

Multitouch 1.8

  • Added "Rest one finger and swipe up or down with another finger" gestures
  • Bug fix for duplicate non-click action executions for Magic Mouse
  • Bug fix for certain internal trackpads not being recognized
  • Bug fix for application crash when switching tabs in Terminal or iTerm2

TouchOven 1.2.23

  • TouchOven is entirely free, but no longer supported
  • If using on macOS 10.14+, you'll have to authorize it for accessibility in System Preferences