Recent Version History

1.16 Current Version

  • Global keyboard shortcuts can now be configured to execute actions
  • Added ability to execute bash commmands from gestures or keyboard shortcuts
  • Added more window management actions
  • Assorted bug fixes
  • Remapped swipe sensitivity for the rest one swipe two gestures [from 1.15.3 Beta]

1.16.1 Beta

  • Added better accidental execution prevention to rest one tap one on the Magic Mouse


  • Updated 3rd party libraries
  • Bug fix for iCloud gesture synchronization not updating the UI
  • Bug fix for bottom corner clicks and force clicks not working unless a top corner was configured


  • Bug fix for gesture configuration not always persisting
  • Bug fix for flaky corner tap/click behavior
  • Updated to current shortcut recorder version (MASShortcut)


  • Simplified action selection view with a single dropdown
  • Added some small performance improvements to action selection and gesture removal
  • Added a force touch middle click action tailored to middle clicking in Chrome and Firefox
  • Updated the shortcut recorder to accept more shortcuts and handle cmd+q or cmd+w